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About Us

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Image by Jay Wennington

Why Us

We think outside the box. Medicine does not follow rules. What works for one pet may not work for another with the same disease. We will always seek out answers for your pet and make a concerted effort to find a cure rather than treat the symptoms. This involves looking at other treatment modalities and changing the way veterinary medicine has typically been practiced. We never stop learning and will always integrate many different medical modalities to find the best treatment for your dog or cat.

We give you options and will never make you feel guilty for the option you choose. This is important to us. We know that you are taking care of your pet in the best way you can. Not everyone can afford the MRI for their cat or has the time to crockpot cook for their dog, and we truly believe that we can find options that will help your pet within your financial and time constraints. You should never feel guilty when leaving here. We see that you are doing such an amazing job of loving and caring for your pet!

We practice kindness and patience, not just medicine. It is our daily mission to get your pet to love us! We do not want your dog to be afraid to walk into our hospital. We want them to run in and go right for the cookie jar that they know is always on the table by the computer. We take our time handling your pet and talk to them to let them know what we are doing and why–maybe telling them the blood draw may not feel great, but it will be over soon. We show them kindness and love in hopes that they, in turn, will love us back. We will not rush through your appointment but will spend time scratching your cat’s chin to keep them calm in the exam room.

We rarely take your pet away from you. Well, that’s not entirely true. We will take your dog out of the room to take a radiograph or maybe do something really gross! Otherwise, your pet stays with you the entire visit. Taking your dog “to the back” can elicit fear from your pet and anxiety from you, wondering what we are doing. So we make sure you get to stay with your pet. Let us know if you have a fear of needles or blood to give you fair warning before the blood draw!

Your medical record will be emailed to you after the visit. You will always have access to your pet’s medical records! This is important if your pet gets sick on the weekend, and the emergency veterinarian needs to know the results of the previous blood tests, or you forgot the dose of medication we told you to give your dog while you were in for your visit. It can be difficult to remember everything we discussed during the exam, so you can review the records at your convenience.

Let’s Work Together

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